‘This is not a barth, this is a bath’

Meet the maker Interview with Statement Artworks & Bubble Off!

Full of character!

It is Trader Tuesday again and a blog that is always worth a read. These two traders are full of character and if you haven’t visited their stalls yet you are missing out! Emily owns ‘Bubble Off!’ with her sister, creating a host of different skincare/bathing products for the whole family including the fury friends and Eric is the artistic mastermind behind ‘Statement Artworks’. Find out how they begun their careers in ‘making’ and what they enjoy most about attending the markets. Why not visit their pages and be inspired to buy a gift for yourself or someone else maybe.

How did you get into this line of work?

Emily: I have always loved bath bombs, nice soaps and smelly things and wanted to find a hobby to relax after work. I took a course on cold pressed soap making and loved it so I did more courses on skincare and aromatherapy and started to prepare my own recipes and formulas, trying them out on family and friends. I worked closely with my chemist to get my recipes just right and fully cosmetically assessed, ready to sell to the public. We started trading at local markets in and around Greater Manchester in 2014 and have never looked back!

Eric: After a 36 year career as a journalist, I was desperate to get into painting again (I’d been to art school) but I wanted the work to combine with lots of words. When I was house-bound for four months after operations on my feet, it was the perfect time to take up my paint brush again, and hey, bingo! I quit my job and I’ve been doing funny posters ever since.

Your products are quirky and have a fun edge to them, what other 5 words would you use to describe your business/products?

Natural, Ethical, Fun, Fragrant, Vegan

Different, cheeky, colourful, provocative, funny.

What is your best seller?
We have two best sellers. Our Yoof Juice is a huge hit online and at local markets. This product has the most returning customers. Our second best seller is Unicorn Poop!
My ‘This is not a barth’ poster. That argument is never going away.

Markets provide a customer with an opportunity to smell & test your products (bubble off) and see them (Statement Artworks), that must be really beneficial in a sale of your goods in the future too? Is this so?
Yes, what better way for customers to get close up to the products. We encourage customers to pick products up, smell them, try some of the samples. I think trading at markets is a great way to get your products out there and we see that most of our online customers are those who have seen us at markets, and tried our products.
There’s nothing like the visceral thrill of seeing and feeling something at a market. Unless it’s raining and things are getting damp, of course! But the chat is as important as anything. Customers don’t get that in shops.

Do many people contact you after seeing you at a market, looking to buy your products?
YES! We have a large amount of customers who visit us at one of the markets and buy from us online. We have customers who have had gifts bought for them from our market stalls and they want to purchase more from us.
So many. They often like to think about things, look at the website, then make an order, sometimes several months later.

What do you enjoy most about producing your work?
I enjoy watching people interacting with our products and trying them out. The look on their face when they try our bubblegum cream for the first time is priceless!
Depends on my mood. Sometimes I love just working in the loft on a new work, other times I love being a total tart at the market (my daughter says I’d talk to a lamppost if no one was around).

What are you plans for your business in 2017?
We had a successful year on the markets in 2016 and we plan to continue trading on these markets again this year. As well as markets, we opened our shop in Leigh in January of this year which has given us the space to make more products to keep up with wholesale orders as well as a lovely shop front to sell our products to the public Tuesday-Saturday every week!
We are re launching our subscription boxes ( B.O.S.H Box) this month and there has been a lot of interest in these. We deliver a box filled with 5 products to your door for £15 per month (including shipping!)
More of the same with some tweaks. I’ve started to get into several shops and galleries, so maybe more of them, but who knows. Oh, I’m doing some totally different stuff just using mails and hardboard (I kid you not).


The buzz of meeting new customers at a market and chatting to them is a real draw for these two stall holders and when you get to know them you see why. They both have vivacious characters and are ‘full of fun’, most definitely suited to the electric atmosphere of the markets with their live music and wandering smells of the fresh street food. A visit to their stalls is a must, ‘Bubble Off!’ for the smells and ability to test the products (why not give ‘Yoof Juice’ a go or are you now intrigued about ‘Unicorn Pooh”?) and ‘Statement Artworks’ for the ‘tongue in cheek’ humour that Eric’s artwork provides for everyone to enjoy.

If you visit their page by clicking the link you can find out which markets they work at regularly and if you want to arrange to meet them (or check they are there) it is very easy to drop them an email.  Don’t forget to mention that you have seen them on MyArtisanMarkets.

Bubble Off!

Statement Artworks

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