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Moving Forward….

Not all new business’ start with a happy scenario as we learn with Jacqui from Lucy Lockets Pocket, but bringing about a change in lifestyle due to tragic circumstances gave Jacqui the passion & focus she needed to move forward with her dream. Read about how the name given to her business is linked to her loss and find out what projects she has on the go at the moment.

Jacqui makes a variety of items mostly using cloth from the local mill in Yorkshire. Click to see her products & read her story about where it began.


Jacqui: Lucy Lockets ….. where do I start?  It all began many moons ago. I have always loved sewing and making a huge variety of things not always fabric related but always did it just as a hobby. Our family life changed without warning 6 years ago when our son was killed when out riding his bike while in training for hopefully his first Olympic Games.

Life is cruel and I realised you have to just do what you want to do, so with the backing of my hubby and daughter Lucy Lockets was born (a nickname we called Lewis).

I work down in a summer house at the bottom of our garden which my hubby (jack of all trades) built for me.  I  love it down there, it’s peaceful and I can sew away until the sun sets. Then I lock up my little house and stroll back down the garden.

At the moment I am making 36, yes 36 Harris Tweed cushions which are going all the way up to Scotland. The cloth is beautiful to sew and they will look stunning in the little mill that will become their next home.

I don’t particularly have a favourite piece to make, but bunting is fun and always makes places look happy.

I’m lucky to have such a beautiful little place to work and it’s all thanks to hubby.


Link to read about or make a donation to the Trust Fund they set up in his name?



Stuart is a live sketch artist and can be found at many markets around Cheshire & Staffordshire although I am sure he would prefer to be in Montmartre, Paris for the stunning setting in the shadows of the Sacré-Cœur or by the coast in Wales.  He does sittings while you wait or can do commissions from a photo too. Stuart works under the name of SketcherLive and can be found on our website if you wish to contact him.

Stuart: I have always strived to complete the most life-like image with the time spent on a Portrait Sitting, be it a twenty minute sitting, a few hours or a sitting spread through the day.

Sketched in pencil detail, each sitting is completed taking in shades and lighting created by the natural daytime light sources, reflective, direct, and ambient light.

I am available at various markets each weekend and also available for private functions providing a sketch guests will treasure reminding them of their happy event.

Enquiries welcome.


Art & craft is such a good stress reliever for any age and I know it is what I would choose to do if I have free time.  Thanks to both Stuart & Jacqui for sharing their stories and I wish their business’ every success in the future.  If you would like to contact them click the links below and you will transfer to their page with contact details & websites.


Lucy Lockets Pocket


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