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My Four Cats Designs pet furniture

anything you need for your cat or dog they can design it and make it for you!

My Four Cats Designs started out over ten years ago with cat rescue work and soon husband and wife team, Amelia & Tim, had four rescue cats of their own. They found that many large companies selling pet furniture and toys were just too expensive to supply their multi cat household. So Tim, being a product designer by trade, decided he would start making all the things their cats needed to have a happy life. One thing led to another and soon their family and friends saw the cat houses and toys they were making and wanted them as well.

Next step was selling online and then coming to the markets. Everything they sell are their own original designs made at their home workshop and all materials are sourced from within the UK. Amelia & Tim make sure that everything they utilise is pet safe.

Their CatChalet (and DogChalet) and Cat/DogCottage are registered designs. Most of their orders are bespoke and personalised. Of course they can offer ready to make designs on their website and Etsy shop, but if there’s anything you need for your cat or dog they can design it and make it for you!  Most of their work is wood based and made to last.

My Four Cats Designs are working on new ideas and designs all the time and they often sell products at the markets that are not available online or anywhere else. Take a look through the pictures and get in contact with them.

“We are grateful to be able to trade at these fabulous local markets and get to know fellow traders. We get so much helpful feedback and often many of our online orders come from customers we’ve met at the markets.”

Scroll down to view their regular markets and if you wish to meet them at a market, please email in advance to avoid disappointment.

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