Flying Teaspoons

Flying Teaspoons

specializing in quirky greetings cards and fine art prints

Flying Teaspoons is a new, up and coming Fine Art company based in Stoke-on-Trent, specializing in quirky greetings cards and fine art prints. Artist Laura Clamp, combines her academic background in creative art making and her love for nature and wildlife to design and create her work.

She uses the pages of magazines to painstakingly produce intricate collaged images of British garden and city wildlife. Finding the perfect colours and textures, she creates funny characters that really capture the imagination and using clever puns to match the designs, she guarantees to bring a smile or two to everyone who encounters her work.

Speaking about how she started making art this way, she says “I’ve always had a fascination with cutting out of magazines. I used to make home interiors in shoe boxes using furniture catalogues when I was younger, and then later on, I made wrapping paper from sticking whole magazine pages together. The transgression from this to collage felt natural, and I love being able to make such distinctive designs from such a simple concept!”

Her new venture, Flying Teaspoons, is the result of hard work, passion and determination, and aims to carry on producing more quirky designs and eventually more exciting products to choose from!

Did you know? The phrase Flying Teaspoons is an affectionate collective noun for a group of Long Tailed Tits because of their round bodies and long tails, just like a teaspoon!

If you would like to visit Laura’s online shop to view the whole range of her work click the link below.

If you wish to meet Laura at a market, please do email beforehand to confirm she will be there. Scroll down to view regular markets.

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