‘Meet the Maker’ all about food

‘Meet the Maker’ all about food

We have always had a love for food

Food Glorious Food! Here is our intro to 2 small business’ that share the same passion- Food! Meet Ryan & Claire of Stomping Grounds producing beautiful Turkish cuisine & Claire of Claire Green Cakes cakes!

Have a read of where their inspiration came from, markets and how the future looks for them.

How did you get into this line of work? Any inspirations?
Stomping Grounds: As a chef, Claire had always envisioned creating a business that adhered to her own beliefs and ethos. We have always had a love for food, varied cuisines with rich flavours and a strong appreciation for ethically sourced, seasonal produce. With the rise of the street food scene, we took the plunge with Percy (our first street food van!) saw a fantastic opportunity to bring these qualities to events around the North West. One important inspiration, for both of us, is Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall with his incredible work and values.
Claire Green Cakes: I got into baking at the early age of 12 after working for my Grandfather and Uncle in the family Italian patisserie in cheshire. Both my husband and I have a passion to sell our quality quirkiness all over Manchester and Cheshire.

Markets provide a customer with an opportunity to taste your products, that must be really beneficial in a sale of your goods on the day & in the future?
Markets have provided us with a fantastic foundation to build Stomping Grounds. It allowed us to bring our vision and menus to the masses without the need for the massive overheads, which are associated with restaurants. We have now transitioned into function catering, which was all thanks to the face-to-face contacts and regular customers that we built over the years at different markets. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the markets and the brilliant people who visit them.
I wanted to get our product out there, no only in the coffee shops but to areas that did not know what we did and that we existed.

What made you consider doing markets?
We have always loved visiting local artisan markets due to the array of unique, handmade and personable products available. They appeared to be a perfect fit for our values and a great way to get ourselves known.


Which market do you enjoy the most and why?
We have been lucky enough to attend a lot of brilliant markets in the North West region. However, our favourite market has to be the Knutsford Makers Market. It is simply a fab monthly event, it always has a terrific turnout and sensational atmosphere! If you haven’t managed to visit it yet, definitely make it a priority!
The Markets we enjoy are the ones ran by The Market Co with Denise and also the Clog Market ran by Jane and also a new venture in Radcliffe ran by Jodie, we had a sell out success here last week. We love doing markets where they appreciate good quality goods and where they will spend money with you on more than one product.

What do you enjoy most about producing your work?
We love experimenting with different flavour combinations, menus and working closely with our amazing producers.
We love the expressions on peoples faces, when they come to the stall and they just say “WOW” and that they stand at the stall and eat their purchases sometimes they don not even make it home.

Any comments off customers that made you feel good about what you make?
We love the feedback and positive comments that our customers regularly pass on. Thank you very much for the kind words, we are stoked that you loved the food and it really makes our day!
Claire Green Cakes, MyArtisanMarketsClaire Green Cakes, MyArtisanMarketsWe have 5 stars on Facebook and also we get a lot of our business from Markets and Facebook. As a result of the markets we have now branched into wedding cakes and other areas including hosting events, and taking orders from exclusive corporate clients.

What are you aspirations for 2017 and the future?
To keep growing Stomping Grounds and creating the best, locally sourced food that we can 🙂
For 2017 and going forward we will continue to deliver awesomeness to the markets and coffee shops and see how things go from here, although we are looking at new premises due to the volume of business we have on a daily basis.

If you would like to contact these stall holders about attending an event or wish to find out when you can meet them again at a market to taste their wares then link these links to direct to their page and contact details/website etc.

Stomping Grounds

Claire Green Cakes


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