‘Meet the Maker’ with Sashilly Crafts & Pixie’s Posh Pets

‘Meet the Maker’ with Sashilly Crafts & Pixie’s Posh Pets

they have given me a life that I love

Meet our 2 new traders of the week, Elaine from Sashilly Crafts & Debbie from Pixie’s Posh Pets. Both creating products that they are deeply passionate about and when you read on you can see why.

Neither have been in this business that long but both are building a reputable name and large customer base and are (most importantly) enjoying the journey & thriving on the satisfaction that their new (ish) jobs bring.

Where do your ideas for products come from?  How do you choose materials etc?
Elaine: My ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. Something I’ve read, or heard or seen might spark an idea. I might be working on a product and it turns into something completely different or sparks another idea.
Debbie: I like my materials to be the best quality that both my customers and I can afford. I want to make things that everyone can afford to buy. I tend to shop around and look for bargains!!

How did you get into this creative line of work? Any inspirations?
I’ve been a nursery nurse for 30 years, which involves a fair amount of creativity. I don’t consider myself to be artistic, I can’t draw or paint very well at all, but I’m creative and messy!
My inspiration for making what I do came from my own dogs, everything I saw was very much of a muchness. When I saw other dogs in coats and jumpers etc they all looked the same and the quality wasn’t good unless they paid £100’s,  so I go out my way to find the top quality fabrics to make our own, at the fraction of the price people would pay elsewhere. I believe in quality not quantity.

How long have you been attending markets?
Just over 12 months
I have been doing markets now for nearly 2 years and have built up very good customer relationships and have customers returning time and time again. We also have a few celebrity customers that return and ask for custom made items.

Do you have a favourite market & why?
Lots of markets have been amazing for very different reasons, the venue, other crafters, regular customers, the weather! But I think my favorite has to be Stalybridge Artisan Market. It’s set in the beautiful old market hall, which I used to shop in years ago, it’s such a lovely place full of memories, and as I live nearby it’s always nice to see familiar faces too.
One of our favourite markets has to be the Lowry, people are so friendly and smiley, most people who come to our stall smile and it’s wonderful. We once had a couple of old ladies come over and say that she thought our stall was the best they had ever seen and the reason was because it cheered them up and made them smile.  This is one reason I love what I am doing, the other reason is I can spend all day every day with my 3 Maltese babies. Pixie who was my inspiration for the name Pixies Posh Pets, I have Teddy who has Teddy’s Toys, and Dotty who was the inspiration for our snuffle rugs @dottyssnufflerugs  so I suppose you could say my dogs are my life and they have given me a life that I love.

What is your best seller?
That would have to be our little angel charms, they always sell well all year round. Sometimes I can’t make them fast enough!
We have just started making Snuffle Rugs which are registered now, and becoming one of our very best sellers. We are shipping these all across the world now. We also sell dog armour coats which are made from stab proofing fabric which you can read all about on our website http://www.pixiesposhpets.co.uk/, see pictures.

What do you enjoy most about producing your work?
The satisfaction of seeing a finished product, and how it is received by customers. They can be your worst critic or build you up with their kind words.

Making products can be a time consuming job, how do you split your time up and how does it compare to any previous jobs you have had?
In theory I’d like to say that I was wonderfully organised, but in reality I’m far from it! I do try, but then I get distracted and start to make something else or go off in a completely different angle! I don’t work from home, I rent a unit close by, which is great to store everything, plus I can leave projects half finished without the need to tidy up! It also means that ‘home time’ can be separate from ‘work time’. It’s easy to forget that a job you love, is still a job, and time away is important.

What are you plans for your business in 2017?  
Hopefully continue to build on the success of the last 12 months, try new venues, new products and keep evolving.

It is so wonderfully rewarding working for yourself and being able to plan your time and these ladies have realised that benefit. You can see by their answers they are passionate about their line of work and for Debbie, her 3 dogs Pixie, Teddy & Dotty are her pleasure and help to feed her ideas for her stall.

Take a look at their page and get in contact with them to arrange to meet at a market.

Sashilly Crafts

Pixie’s Posh Pets

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