‘Meet the Maker’ R&M Fine Chocolate and Black & White Cat Jewellery

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This week we have 2 stall holders that work with their hands to create beautiful products. Raanan from R&M Fine Chocolate and Pat from Black & White Cat Jewellery.  Read about what inspires them and find out more about Raanan’s workshops.


Give 5 words would you use to describe your business/products?

Raanan: Handmade, unique, natural, no preservatives, chocolate

Pat: Original, contemporary, light, mobile, colourful


What do you enjoy most about producing your work?  

The most enjoyable part is seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they taste my products. Also, creating new products which are all mine.

Translating an idea from the preliminary drawings to the finished piece. Finding a way around the constraints that the material imposes so that the final piece is as close as I can get to my original idea. Only by making a piece do I find out what works. That experience will always inform the how I design and make every piece thereafter. A constant journey of discovery!


Explain about your workshops? What is involved and how long do they last?

Together with my wife we run workshops, parties and chocolate activities for birthday celebrations, companies and children with disabilities. In chocolate there is no right or wrong. Everything is right! So to take part in R&M Fine Chocolate workshop you do not need any chocolate, baking or cooking abilities, just some imagination and desire. I demonstrate and teach the same way I work to produce my chocolate – all by hand, no machines and no moulds. Our workshop is all about having fun and learning. Most of the workshops/parties are two hours. However,  we can easily adjust the sessions to suit as the customer wishes.

I don’t run any workshops, but I’m going to post pictures of the various colours produced as titanium is heated by the torch to give people a feeling that they’re watching over my shoulder as a piece progresses. My ultimate aim is to have a blog linked to my facebook shop.


Do you have any people either in society or family/friends that inspired you to do what you are doing today? 

I started my life as an economist, I worked at a chemical factory for about 15 years. My last role was as a supply chain manager. A lady called Ika, inspired me to take my chocolate hobby one step further. Today she is one of the best chocolatiers in the world. She started as a sound technician at the radio. One day she decided to make her chocolate dream a reality. About 10 years later she is one of the best.

Painters such as Matisse, Degas, Kandinsky, Klee.  An artist friend who once said, “yes, Patrick, you’re getting there – less is more”.  Also, an inner voice that has been saying to me since I was a teenager – you must make images of your ideas.


Which are your best/favourite markets and why?  

Chesire pop-up artisan fair because it is so very friendly and feels like family!

Uttoxeter, Sandbach, Leek. The opportunity to meet people who see what I’m trying to do and talk about the process and inspirations


What are you plans for your business in 2017?  

2017 is a critical year for R&M Fine Chocolate. The main thing now is to develop 12 new flavours for my new 12 units box, that we started to sell in London, which is a big market for us.  I would love to be able to open a chocolate coffee house (the business plan is ready) but it is too expensive, I’d probably need partners.

To apply to exhibit in invitation only, peer-reviewed shows. To start a blog that shares the inspiration/creation process.

It is great to hear both have such fantastic plans to explore through 2017. Pat is keen on developing his social media presence and to create a blog linked to his Facebook. Raanan having big plans to open a chocolate coffee house, so if anyone is interested – get in touch.

Want to find out more about their work and get in contact about something you have read or to make an order? Click the links to their pages:

R&M Fine Chocolate

Black & White Cat Jewellery


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