‘Meet the Maker’ Interview with Nordic Muse & The Glass Gardener

Nordic Muse & The Glass Gardener

Stylish, contemporary & Timeless

This week we have two business’ that I love. A little twist of contemporary but perfectly stylish & timeless, they have a strong idea of their target market and they produce great products- simple! Introducing….Jenny from Nordic Muse and Sarah from The Glass Gardener.  Read about how they got into this line of work, their experience of markets and what is most satisfying about producing their work.  We look at their plans for 2017 and all you need to do is go visit them to see their work, pick it up or try it on!

5 words to sum up your products:
Jenny: Nordic. Minimalism. Contemporary. Simplicity. Timeless.

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Sarah: Stylish, Modern, Handmade Glass Terrariums.

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How did you get into this creative line of work? Any inspirations?
The emphasis of my degree specialism was ‘Design Management’ which covered everything from concept to launching a product in store. This gave me the ability to employ materials, media, techniques, methods, technologies, and tools associated with the discipline. Having worked in the fashion retail sector for over 15 years, the launch of my own lifestyle brand ‘Nordic Muse’ was a natural progression. Embracing all things simple, I was inspired by the minimalism, and functionality of Nordic design. Taking an unpretentious approach to design, Nordic Muse is clean-lined, contemporary, and decidedly Nordic.
Started as a stained glass hobby, also LOVE gardening, stumbled across terrariums online and thought I’d try making one. Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 dimensional aspect of the work, and was hooked.  I’ve started with the classic geometric shapes but am gradually extending the range to include my own designs.

Having attended markets for a while now, do you have a favourite market?
I wouldn’t say I have a favourite market as such, as each organisation creates a very different trading environment. Having started this journey with Levenshulme market, this market has always been close to my heart. Whilst Nordic Muse continues to grow and expand, I have always remained loyal to this special market. As a community run social enterprise market, this unique market operates weekly and prides themselves on the diverse range of high quality traders. The atmosphere amongst traders and consumers alike is warm and friendly, and community spirit vibrates throughout the market, with everyone coming together.
The Northern Quarter Market, on a sunny summer’s day, when it feels like the best festival in the world!

What do you enjoy most about attending a market? Why do you find them useful?
For me, market day is all about the face-to-face interaction with my customers, and likewise, people like to see the person behind the brand. With an increased emphasis on digital media and e-commerce, the shopping experience is increasingly lacking a personal touch. Face-to-face communication is very important to me, and I take a sense of pride in this form of interaction. For my brand this is the best form of communication because I get to tell my story. Body language speaks a lot louder than words, and I can gain a better understanding of how consumers react to my product. The more face-to-face contact, the better for me, as I can give consumers 100% of my attention.
The social aspect of it, both chatting to fellow traders (there’s real community in it), organisers and the customers/general public. Getting direct feedback is fantastic. Being outside in the fresh air (as opposed to the workshop with soldering fumes) is wonderful. Watching people decide which plants they want to go into which terrarium is fascinating, following their thought process and seeing them try different combinations of plants is always really interesting.

What is the most satisfying element of producing your work?
This is easily the reaction I get when people come across my stall for the first time. I focus heavily on building ranges and bringing the whole story together through my branding and overall presentation. The feedback is overwhelming, and the continued support from loyal customers is what makes getting up on a rainy day worthwhile.  
Soldering the final panel into any of the shapes always gives me a mini buzz. In particular the roof of the glass house.

What are your aspirations for 2017 and the future?
Nordic Muse has grown at a rapid rate, and for me, 2017 is about expanding my range with a focus on new product categories. Over the next few months, I plan on introducing some interior accessories, along with expanding my fashion range further. I currently trade with 3 organisations across multiple locations, and I hope to take Nordic Muse further afield in the next phase of its growth.

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I’m attending RHS Chatsworth flower show as a trader and am very excited to be doing so. It’s the biggest event I’ve done by far so am super excited to see how that goes, and to be part of something so grand. After that, I’m determined to master Pinterest!!

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I love that Sarah speaks of the market as a mini-festival, those are the exact words I would use. Such a good vibe and friendly atmosphere to these types of events and it is beautiful when the sun is out and music is playing.

Why not meet Sarah with her terrariums at a local market and choose your combo of succulents. Mine sits on my desk and I love it- I need another! This month you can find Sarah at Treacle Market for the first time, people of Macclesfield, look out for her! Click here to visit her page.

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Jenny and her sister (Katie) share the markets and they sell jewellery, bags and a small selection gifts that are, in my opinion, Oliver Bonas meets Stella & Dot! If you like their products you must visit Nordic Muse, you won’t be disappointed. Click here to visit her page.

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