‘Meet the Maker’ interview with JewelArt & Devil Design

‘Meet the Maker’ interview with JewelArt & Devil Design

‘seeing people’s reactions is the best feeling’

In this week’s edition of ‘Meet the Maker’ we talk to the fab Jewellery Artist Sam Rowena with JewelArt  and the talented designer Helen from Devil Design.

Asking about what they enjoy most about producing their work from an idea to a final design and how they find selling at the markets provokes strong feelings described as ‘heart-warming’ and I am sure, pride. Their unique work is available online, links can be found from their pages on our website, but to get an idea of their full range of work it is best to visit them at a market.

What do you enjoy most about producing your work?

Sam Rowena at JewelArt: I love the whole creative process, from the initial ideas that pop-up in my sleep, experimenting and developing them, to creating the finished pieces. There’s a real buzz seeing ideas evolve into pieces of jewellery and it’s heart-warming too when others love it, buy it and wear it.

Helen at Devil Design: The creative freedom I have and people’s reactions when they see it.

What made you consider doing markets?

They are a great opportunity, you get to go to great venues, meet your customers, get feedback and sell your work. I also think that many people are interested in the story behind what we’ve created, meeting us – the designer-makers – and learning about the thought process and skills that are involved. At events everyone’s fascinated by my glass work and love handling it and seeing how light reflects from it.

Getting to meet a wider range of customer and promote the brand.

What is your best seller?

Sometimes it’s a complete mix, a variety of my sculptural wirework earrings, necklaces, brooches and fused glass. But, generally it’s my fused glass work, they all turn out different, unique pieces of jewelart with amazing colours and sparkle.  

Hard to say as it can be seasonal and not mass produced.

Making can be a time consuming job, how do you split your time up?

Yes, it’s lots of juggling different tasks and definitely not 9-5. I’m a great list maker… and also utilize my time at events and take some wirework to do during quiet spells.  

I plan my week carefully on a Sunday so I can make sure everything is done and I have some time to myself.

What is the highlight of working for yourself and how does it compare to any previous jobs you have had?

I love the fact that every day is different and I get to be a designer, maker, photographer and seller. I initially trained as a designer and most of my work was computer based, so I really enjoy the variety of using all my skills and learning new ones, plus I get to meet some interesting people.

I can take time off when I’m ready and work my own hours, my previous job was always more than 9-5 so that was a issue.

What encouraged you to join MyArtisanMarkets?

It’s a great platform for markets as well as the makers. I think we are slowly turning away from mass-produced faceless items and becoming more conscious about what we buy. We’re buying less and wanting more of an enjoyable experience – visiting artisan and art/craft markets – and My Artisan Markets helps you find out what’s on and where it is.  

Meeting Nicki and seeing her enthusiasm was contagious

What are your plans for your business in 2017?

I’m looking forward to new opportunities in 2017… I’m currently developing my webshop  Jewelart by Sam Rowena* and it’s really exciting to bring my jewellery to a wider audience. Its progressing well, had some great feedback and I’ve already had a few sales. I’m also working on some new jewellery designs, combining my glass with other materials and can’t wait to showcase them later in the year.

*During March and April my first webshop customers get a surprise free gift with their purchase and they’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of my unique fused glass heart pendants.

To get my online shop sorted on my website and focus on driving traffic to that.

It certainly isn’t a 9am-5pm job being a designer-maker but is it more rewarding? Probably! To hear how passionate Samantha is about customers holding and discussing her work makes it all the more enjoyable as a customer to see that enthusiasm the designer brings to her work.

I have previously discussed in a blog about markets and why we visit, people’s need to want ‘more’ in their food choices or a gift other than mass-produced items. I found it really interesting to write and research as trends are definitely leaning towards a new culture of cleaner living and eating.

“A hand-made, hand-chosen present with that special appeal that shows on the face of the recipient and glows in the heart of the giver.”

Artisan Markets Near Me,Blog, Feb,2017

We wish Sam Rowena at JewelArt and Helen at Devil Design the very best of luck with their new ranges and websites and we look forward to being able to access lots of their products online, whilst still being able to visit the markets to collect items and meet the makers!

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