‘Meet the Maker’ Colette Evans Ceramics & Rainy City Bakery, different gifts

‘Meet the Maker’ Interview of Colette Evans Ceramics & Rainy City Bakery

Bringing ‘Different’ products to their customers

Today I introduce Colette of Colette Evans Ceramics & Laura of Rainy City Bakery.  These two ladies are filled with enthusiasm and good vibes and I can’t wait to share their interview & products with you. Laura has created her own brand of manc crafted ‘grown up’ marshmallows and Colette a range of personalised & stylised pottery.

Both handcrafters but one of marshmallows and the other of pottery and with the current spike in popularity of ceramics courses due to ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’  I’m sure you will agree, it is great to watch a professional at work. Those potters wheels are far more difficult than they look!

Here are their thoughts on their business ideas, markets, products & plans for the future.

Give me 5 keywords that sum up your products.

Laura: homemade, treats, unique, strong flavours, different

Colette: Bespoke, handmade, quirky, personalised, different

Where do your ideas come from? When does you inspiration come?

Ideas come from flavours that friends and family like. So if they have a favourite cocktail/ice cream flavour/cake I try to recreate that flavour into the marshmallows.

The natural world around me, I’m lucky to live in Cheshire and Manchester is on my doorstep so lots of inspiration from there but also commissions that come in derive from memories, buildings, places or favourite animals it can happen quite organically really.

What do you enjoy most about the markets?

Seeing people enjoy the marshmallows that we’ve made from scratch.

Meeting customers who want to know about you and your craft,they meet the maker the market relationships that you build with other traders and the support that that can bring to your business, sharing business info.  

What other venues have you consider selling at? Any that you would love to work at?

Love to work more at food and drink festivals and events

I would like to put some of my smoke fired work in some galleries and I’m very open to trying new venues.

What is your best selling product?

Best seller is the salted caramel marshmallow.

This is difficult I have tried to measure what is my best seller, but because every piece is unique it’s difficult my butter dishes sell well as do my illustrated jugs because jugs can be so versatile they can be used for milk, cream, custard or flowers, people like their multi use. People seem to like anything that has that personal touch that emotional attachment something that they can relate too.

Have you got any offers coming up?

New flavours and offers are always changing at the markets. We are currently running an offer on this (MyArtisanMarkets.co.uk) website, if you quote ‘MyArtisanMarkets’ at our stall you can get 3 bags for £6.

No offers coming up but I will always offer discount if people are buying a few items together.

What are your plans for 2017 and the future?

To carry on creating different flavours to bring to the markets and events we have booked.

Future plans again to keep doing what I’m doing to always improve my skill to never be complacent, to develop new ranges and ideas as the customer can become bored if they are seeing the same designs over and over, keeps the customers interest. To work on designs that are more apt for Galleries to have more outlets to showcase my work. To develop my online business as this I think is very important but difficult as there are not enough hours in the day. And finally to continue to enjoy what I’m doing, and be happy doing it xxx

As with all our stall holders their passion is clear. A couple of elements that make an impression with me when reading this: They both used the term ‘different’. That is exactly what it is. You cannot buy these items in the everyday shop and good! We want gifts that are personalised or have a story and are that ‘little bit different’!




  1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
  2. distinct; separate.

We all love to have our quirky edge and if you can be that one family member/friend that buys those ‘different’ presents that holds fond memories in their heart, then surely that can only be a good thing and will be remembered.

The other key point to draw from their answers is one that Colette made, ‘to continue to enjoy what I’m doing, and be happy doing it’. How important is this nowadays! To have a job that you enjoy and can be happy doing – surely there cannot be many amongst us that have such a positive outlook about their work. Don’t be misled to think that it doesn’t bring with it stress as everyone still needs to feed and have a home, so when it comes to selling, it is very much a pressure to make the money. Hence why it is good to support the local stall holders and designer-makers at these markets.

Where can you can find these ladies over the next few weeks?

Colette: Find Colette at  The Vegan Event at Manchester Central & Urmston Artisan Market on the Saturday 1st April, Knutsford on Sunday 2nd April,  Saturday 8th April at Northwich Artisan Market, Sunday 9th April at Northern Quarter Makers Market and Simply Cheshire Food, Craft and Home Fair on 20th & 21st May.

Laura: Urmston 1st April & Oulten Park Artisan Market 29th May.

You could always link to their pages and visit their websites.

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