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Where it all began….

This month I have decided to do something slightly different; less writing and a more image based post. On Tuesday and Wednesday the stall holders will be taking over my ‘Instagram Story’ and showing, through images, their reasons for doing what they do & the work they create.

So for our first post we introduce Hollie form Hollie Childe Art & Sarah from Cocoband.

Where it all begin & my inspirations

My work is inspired by my upbringing in the Shropshire countryside. Animals have always surrounded me as I spent most of my childhood playing outside with my many pets, and as a teenager, my family moved to a small holding where we bred sheep and rare breed pigs. I always have been interested in drawing and painting and find animals a really interesting and exciting subject to work on. I will always remember the excitement of selling my first painting, which was of a cow when I was sixteen. I began my business selling my artworks shortly after graduating university with a fine art degree. Alongside my day job, I used all of my spare time to work on my animal paintings in various mediums to try developing my own style and began selling my work online which then gave me the confidence to pursue working as a full-time artist. This cockerel canvas is one of my first animal paintings which I did went I was 17.

My husband and I since we met have always wanted to start a business together. I have worked in fashion all my life and as I was on maternity leave and wanted to start with something small. As a textile designer I am drawn to bold and bright colours and we are looking to expand our range significantly


Where I work

I work from home in our lovely flat. When I began working from home I worked just in my little office room, however, I have now taken over our whole flat with paintings, easels and canvases in every spare space! When I am painting I find having good natural light is the most important so I always position myself next to a large window.  

If I am feeling uninspired I find visiting local parks to watch the dogs playing and farms (such as Tatton Park Dale Farm) is really helpful so I can go out and observe the animals and take photographs to work from.

  I currently design and make everything in my small studio in Macclesfield. I love working here as it used to be an old weaver’s cottage and Macclesfield has a very strong textile heritage itself.CocoBand, MyArtisanMarkets 3




Work in Progress

Currently, I have a lot of really exciting and varied commissioned portraits to complete. These include a selection of dogs, cats, sheep and a really beautiful calf!In between completing commissioned works, I am also working on some new original paintings for my upcoming country shows, which include Countryfile live at Blenheim palace and Chatsworth country show. I have just finished a painting called ‘one summer evening’. The painting shows how I would like to imagine it is on a sunny summer evening when all of the wildlife come out to play.

  I have just brought out a new range called the Rockabilly which was inspired by the ‘We can do it’ poster, I love its uplifting attitude and self-empowerment message. 10% of the proceeds from all sales of the Rockabilly will be donated to a women’s refuge in Pakistan. The Edhi Foundation is an incredible charity that cares for vulnerable women and children, I first heard about this charity when I read an article that mentioned that exclusive cradles had been placed outside all Edhi Centres, across Pakistan for abandoned and illegitimate babies. As a new mother it broke my heart.

My favourite piece to make/best seller

I adore painting all animals and trying to capture their expressions and characters. However, my favourite animals to paint are definitely cows and hares- which is very lucky, as I have found that hares and Highland cows are very popular at the moment! I also enjoy creating paintings that show animals interacting with each other, such as my Fox and Badger painting which has become a real bestseller!

Currently Our best seller is Gordes from the Bijou collection. Its versatile big purple bow that can be moved is a real favourite and a definite crowd pleaser!



My stall

My favourite regular markets are Whitchurch Makers market and The Sunday Supplement with Totally locally leek. They are both really great markets in lovely towns where the people who come to visit are so nice and engaging! I also recently attended the first makers market at the Carriage shed in Chester, which was a fantastic day in a great location. This summer I’m excited to be traveling around the country exhibiting at country shows.

I am usually at the markets with my husband Jake and on odd occasions with Haris. We love working together and meeting all members of the community. As relatively new traders we have been thoroughly welcomed by everyone and love the atmosphere amongst all the traders and customers. Everyone is incredibly friendly and receiving feedback about our products is invaluable.


Hope you enjoyed seeing their fantastic images and story about how it all began. If you enjoyed it, please share this with your friends and head over to their pages and visit their online shops/websites or arrange to meet them at a market. Click links below.

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